Sunday, November 30, 2008

commonweal lab 26

Well, last Monday I lived on only two dollars for the entire day.  It started out badly, because I couldn't even drive to school on two dollars of gas, so I had to take the bus.  It is really easy not to spend money in school.  When I got home, I played some X-box, but my controller ran out of batteries and I thought it would be breaking the rules if I replaced them without buying new ones (for more than $2, most likely), so that was really uncool.  After that I just did homework, watched T.V., and went to bed.
The hardest part of the day was the food situation.  I ate no breakfast, and spent $1.75 on lunch at school.  That wrecked my budget for the whole day, so I could eat nothing after that either.  What a time THAT was.  On the lab, it challenged me to see how many days I could keep that up.  The answer is one, and barely even that.

commonweal lab 24

Well I saw this lab a few weeks ago and it was about perfect with thanksgiving coming up.  So, on turkey day, I took a picture of a bunch of turkey smothered with gravy.  That is about as good of a last meal as anyone could choose.
My views on capital punishment are simple: if you have committed a heinous enough crime (rape, murder, etc.) then the rest of society is better off without you.  The second you take somebody else's life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness, you should lose your own, end of story.

Commonweal lab 11

Well this is certainly an interesting one.  One Amendment to the Constitution.  Most recently, I would have to go with NO SOCIALIZATION.   This meaning, very simply, that nothing, including medicine, should be socialized in America.  Seeing as the country seems to want to be socialist, this would never pass, but it would be really nice and in everybody's best interest.  This is simply too big of a problem for me to not amend the Constitution if I was able.

Commonweal lab 10

I had to go one week without any media.  I chose this lab because I thought it would be pretty much effortless.  WRONG again.  I kind of cheated because I had to use the internet for homework, but that really doesn't count because there is no way around it.  I also found a pretty good loophole, because, as I actually did this lab a few weeks ago and I am just now recording it, my non-media week went through the Redskins bye-week, so I didn't actually have to miss a game.  That is top notch planning.  Anyway, this was actually really hard to do because I could not watch T.V. or surf the web after school.  I really just had to go outside or read a book, which got pretty interesting.  When it came down to it, it wasn't horrible, but this was definitely not one of the top fifteen easiest commonweals.

Commonweal lab 6

Pretty straightforward, really.  The CDs and headphones signified out obsession with music, the phone is obvious, the wallet and money are for consumerism and what not.  The batteries are about our reliance on electronics, and the baseball caps about our obsession with sports.
The hardest part of this was finding items I was willing to bury.  Basically, the phone and headphones were broken, the batteries were dead, and I'm done with the wallet.  Also, I took the little booklets out of the CD cases and buried those instead of the whole thing.